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Friday, July 31, 2020 Biogas, chimera or reality
Biogas is a combustible gas that is generated naturally during the process of degradation of organic matter.
This information is for the Spanish market. For this reason it is only in Spanish. En su compromiso constante de ofrecer a los clientes una atención de calidad y que aporte valor a sus negocios, Cetil acaba de poner en marcha un nuevo servicio de verificación de medida para los surtidores de gas natural comprimido (GNC).
After participating in the request for an offer organized by Repsol in the middle of last year, we want to share the following information we have received recently: Cetil Dispensing Technology, S.L. has been acknowledged as a successful bidder for the supply of Petrol Dispensers and Submerged Pumps for Spain during the next 3 years.