The payment terminals installed at the pump are payment points at the fuelling point, which greatly speeds up the refuelling process. This product is also called fast lanes because it allows refuelling much faster than with the traditional Automat terminal. The customer, once placed in front of the dispenser, has a terminal available to perform his payment operation without having to wait or queue, or go inside the store to make the payment.

This product is ideal for unattended installations, called low cost petrol stations, even to combine with traditional installations leaving an unattended part, or simply to leave at night an autonomous terminal. The possibilities are multiple.

It has a payment terminal certified PCI and EMV for payment by bank card. The contactless card payment module is also available. The terminal can operate with any Spanish bank. The terminal can also read private cards with ISO structure.

The terminal can work with identification systems such as the recognition of car plates, cards or key rings RFID, FUELOPASS, etc. since it is integrated with the 2iMaquin system. The terminal has a thermal printer with shears for the issuance of the receipt voucher. The printer has presenter characteristic, so the ticket is not available until it has been printed completely and has been cut, thus avoiding paper jam.

The ticket can be a simplified invoice and, in case of needing an invoice with the client's data, they can be entered through the screen so that they appear printed. In case the client is registered in the database, the existing data will be shown to be validated or rectified in case of being erroneous.

The terminal is connected to the alarm centre and allows alarms to be issued when the paper is finished or when a peripheral device is damaged. In addition, it allows remote connection to the equipment for maintenance operations.