Monday, May 18, 2020

Air Liquide and Cetil Collaboration

The collaboration agreement between both companies begins to take shape with the first Air Liquide natural gas service stations with Cetil liquified natural gas (LNG) dispensers.

Air Liquide plans to build 7 stations in France, each with 2 LNG dispensers, in the following locations: Beuzeville, Sennecé-lès-Mâcon, Chemaudin Besançon, Argancy, Ploufragan, Noyal and Aulnay-sous-Bois. All of them located in French territory.

With this collaboration, Cetil increases its presence in the neighboring country, where there are currently more than 15 stations with dispensers of compressed or liquefied natural gas (CNG or LNG) of this brand.

The Cetil CNG dispenser has the French national certification. This certification was obtained through the LNE (Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais) in April 2019. Moreover, its LNG dispenser was also certified 4 years ago under the European Directive MID (Measuring Instruments Directive). All this together with the ability of the manufacturer to verify this type of dispensers in its facilities of Algete (Madrid), make it an ideal partner for this emerging market.

It is also worth noting the added value that Cetil natural gas dispensers provide. Being fully aware that the process of delivering this type of fuels is more delicate and complex, the company's R&D department opted for a development where the dispenser's management capacity was one of its strengths. The constant monitoring of the process variables, which allows the best decisions to be made to optimize the delivery process, together with the access from the installation controller to this information, facilitates both the use of the dispenser itself by the end user, as its integration in the station. As a complement to the above, Cetil offers the possibility of remote connectivity via internet of its equipment. This initiative falls within the scope of the Internet of Things (IoT) and facilitates the management of the station in several aspects that, undoubtedly, have a better end-customer service. The remote display of deliveries, process variables or incidents along with complementary information such as: the days of the week in which more deliveries are performed or the hours of the day in which the station is busiest, allow operators to take fundamental decisions for their business.

The sum of these facts, together with the quality to which Cetil has accustomed us, have been key for Air Liquide to place its trust in this Spanish manufacturer of dispensers.