Products for Aviation

The aviation sector is one of the most demanding in the market. Our products for this area come from the most prestigious international brands. Do not hesitate to ask us because our extensive experience will allow us to offer you competitive solutions for your needs. Solutions that treat aviation fuel with the delicacy it requires.

Some of the products we can offer are:

  • Self-priming pumps with free shaft or hydraulically operated.
  • Volumetric counters with mechanical or electronic calculator.
  • Master meters.
  • Flow meters.
  • Valves:
    • Hose end valves.
    • Hydrant valves.
    • Ball valves in aluminum with stainless steel ball, teflon seats and TW, DIN or ASA flanges, manual or with pneumatic actuators.
  • Hydrant couplers.
  • Hydrant, drain and vent pits for airports.
  • Hermetic couplings with and without selectivity.
  • Rotating joints.
  • Axial and radial hose reels with hydraulic or pneumatic drive.
  • "NEON" hoses with luminous band.
  • Hose couplings.
  • Rubber expansión joints.
  • Electrostatic rubber strips.
  • Aviation nozzles for JET-A1 or AVGAS.
  • Manual earthing reels, with ATEX clamp.
  • Signaling and lighting lamps with ATEX certification.
  • 3 "and 4" aluminum prefilters.
  • Microfilters, separating microfilters, filter elements and monitors.