Tank Trucks and Fuel Depots

We have a large stock of consumables and spare parts in our facilities, characterized not only by its quantity, but also by its diversity. Our sole objective is to be able to give a quick service to all our clients in the different business areas. The products we offer are always original to ensure that the quality of our equipment remains its identity note and lasts in time after its repair or maintenance. We put at your disposal the same products that we use for the manufacture of our equipment. Do not hesitate to consult us, surely, we have it.

Some of the products we can offer are:

Tank trucks and fuel depots

  • Nozzles for different flows and couplings.
  • Hoses for petroleum products of different diameters and lengths.
  • Valves, for the pneumatic circuit, for the hydraulic oil circuit and for the fuel one (selection of supply point, anti-return, relief, ball ...)
  • Filters of different materials and mesh densities.
  • Complete pumps, meters and air separators and their individual components.
  • Solenoid valves, joints and fittings.
  • Elastic couplings and flanges.
  • Rotating joints and hose reels components including their drives.
  • Membrane keyboards for electronic calculators.
  • Electronics of the different electronic calculators.
  • Components of mechanical calculators and printers.
  • Temperature probes for calculating the compensated volume, thermometers and pressure gauges.