Designed with the latest technologies and complying with the most current international directives.

Manufactured with materials and quality controls that guarantee the long life and reliability of CETIL products.

General characteristics E30 CNG A

  • 1 or 2 filling points.
  • Suitable for CNG or Biomethane.
  • Chassis and covering in galvanized steel F114. Anticorrosive epoxy primer; baked polyester powder paint.
  • 1, 2 or 3 input pressure stages.
  • Inlet manual valve and filter per pressure stage.
  • Robust and high accuracy mass meter.
  • Maximum flow rate of 80 kg/min.
  • Filling and venting hoses with break-away.
  • Filling hose manometer.
  • NGV1 and NGV2 nozzles type available depending on the vehicle type to be filled.
  • Custom image.
  • Optical product indication.
  • Start-stop button or deadman button.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Optical indicator of the delivery status.

EAS2 electronic calculator

  • Designed to minimize downtime due to breakdown.
  • Simple and attractive user interface.
  • Different levels of access to increase security.
  • IFSF-LON international standard protocol available.
  • Temperature compensated filling pressure.
  • Modbus communication available for the CNG plant controller.


  • Acoustic product indication in different languages.
  • Electromechanical totalizers.
  • Different models of nozzles available.

Available Models

In general, the E30 CNG A product family follows the next designation:

E30 CNG A meF

m: nº hoses
e: nº pressure stages

F: indicates that it only has hoses in one side


  • OIML compliance certificate issued by NMi
  • Custody of ATEX technical file in LOM
  • EU type Examination Certificate (PED) issued by SGS