Cetil's most iconic image returns with a modern twist, elegant lines, and premium quality materials. The E30V is specially designed for those installations in which the pay-at -the-pump and multimedia is not required.

Obviously, a separate enclosure is available to add payment systems or multimedia systems. The stainless steel is prominent on the outer cladding, the head boasts a tempered glass face which creates a modern look, and all available options for the E30 A are available for the E30 V.

Ready to deliver all kind of fuels and AdBlue: diesel, biodiesel, petrol, ethanol-rich fuels, LPG and CNG.

General characteristics E30 V

  • Optical product indication.
  • Preset.
  • Chassis in galvanized steel F114.
  • Covering in stainless steel and galvanized steel F114. Anticorrosive epoxy primer; baked polyester powder paint.
  • Automatic hose retractor system.
  • Custom image.
  • Product identifiers.
  • Up to 10 hoses.
  • With integrated motor pump unit or connection to submerged pump.

EAS2 electronic calculator

  • Scalable and modular: the cost is adapted to the customer´s needs.
  • Designed to minimize downtime due to breakdown.
  • Simple and attractive user interface.
  • Different levels of access to increase security.
  • IFSF-LON international standard protocol available.
  • Electronic calibration.


  • Stainless steel.
  • Acoustic product indication in different languages.
  • Shop communication from forecourt.
  • Vapor recovery (stage II).
  • Flow rate selector 40-80 l/min.
  • High flow configuration (80 l/min).
  • Super flow configuration (130 l/min).
  • Electromechanical totalizers.
  • Satellite column with repeater display.
  • Hose enclosure without automatic hose retractor system (under development).
  • Stand-alone enclosure for payment or multimedia systems.
  • 2i payment system installed at factory.
  • LPG module.
  • CNG module.
  • Integrated fire protection system.

Available Models E30 V

Due to the flexibility of EU type certificates obtained, virtually any configuration is legal and it can be manufactured. In general, the denomination of the E30 V family follows the following criteria:

E30 V meDF

m: nº hoses
e: nº product inlets

D: indicates that it is a dispenser (it does not have internal pumps)
F: indicates that it only has hoses in one side


  • EU type Examination Certificate (MID) issued by NMi
  • EU type Examination Certificate (ATEX) issued by LOM