Electric Charger ED 072 / 222

The ED 072 and ED 222 electric chargers, in its different versions, are Cetil’s options for the service stations to give their customers the possibility to charge their vehicles without the need to make a big investment.

The ED 074 can charge simultaneously two vehicles at a rated power of 7,4 kW; the ED 222 can do the same at 22 kW.

General characteristics

  • Can be installed outdoors.
  • Single- (ED 072) and three-phase (ED 222) of up to 32A per input.
  • Power and MID-approved energy measurement (depending on version)
  • Customizable RGB screen.
  • RFID reader
  • Ethernet and WiFi
  • DLM 2.0
  • OCPP
  • Type A RCD protections; C-curve MCB (depending on version)
  • Overvoltage protected.

Available versions

  • ED 072 / 222