Fast Electric Charger ED 503 / 502 / 501

The Fast Electric Charger ED 503 / 502 / 501, in its different versions, is the ideal solution to meet the current demand for fast charging points for electric vehicles. It is a point that can manage the three main standards of fast recharge through a power electronics of high efficiency and reliability based on the extensive experience of the manufacturer.

General characteristics

  • Galvanized steel structure with high resistance to adverse environmental conditions.
  • Rapid recharge in CCS Type 2 up to 50 kW.
  • Rapid recharge in CHAdeMO up to 50 kW (only ED 502 and ED 503).
  • Rapid recharge in AC Type 2 up to 43.5 kW (only ED 503).
  • Possibility of simultaneous recharging in alternate and direct current.
  • Protection against overvoltages, short circuits and overloads.
  • Protection against direct and indirect contacts.
  • High visibility emergency button.
  • 7" touch screen.


  • Local communication with other similar charging points.
  • Remote communication via Ethernet and 3G.
  • Compatibility with OCPP protocol.
  • Connection to POS through IFSF-LON protocol (in development).

Available versions


Available Models

NOTE: The model shown in the image corresponds to ED 503. Exterior cabinet measurements are common for all three models.