Electric Charger ED 50

The electric charger ED 50, in its different versions, is the ideal solution to meet the current demand for fast charging points for electric vehicles. It is a point that can manage the three main standards of fast recharge through a power electronics of high efficiency and reliability based on the extensive experience of the manufacturer.

General characteristics

  • Galvanized steel structure with high resistance to adverse environmental conditions.
  • Rapid recharge in CCS Type 2 up to 50 kW.
  • Rapid recharge in CHAdeMO up to 50 kW (only ED 502 and ED 503).
  • Rapid recharge in AC Type 2 up to 43.5 kW (only ED 503).
  • Possibility of simultaneous recharging in alternate and direct current.
  • Protection against overvoltages, short circuits and overloads.
  • Protection against direct and indirect contacts.
  • High visibility emergency button.
  • 7" touch screen.


  • Local communication with other similar charging points.
  • Remote communication via Ethernet and 3G.
  • Compatibility with OCPP protocol.
  • Connection to POS through IFSF-LON protocol (in development).

Available versions


Available Models

NOTE: The model shown in the image corresponds to ED 503. Exterior cabinet measurements are common for all three models.