Wednesday, July 10, 2019

How to refuel compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied gas (LNG)

Cetil as technological partner of gasnam (, an association that encourages the use of natural and renewable gas in mobility in the Iberian Peninsula, has the pleasure of sharing these videos that show how to refuel CNG and LNG in the Repsol service stations.

Cetil has supplied the CNG and LNG dispensers for the Repsol service stations framed within the ambitious European project Best Way (

On the other hand, Cetil participates actively in another association of the natural gas sector: NGVA Europe ( At this moment, the association is working on the creation of instructions for the refueling of LNG. Its fundamental objective is to broadcast this content at European level, facilitating and guaranteeing a safe and universal delivery process. Cetil, as a manufacturer of CNG and LNG dispensers, collaborates in the drafting of this document by attending the meetings and contributing all its knowledge in this sector. Natural gas has come to stay and in Cetil we have been betting on it since 2011.