The i-meter is a device that allows to know in real time both the location of a tank truck and the deliveries made by the electronic measurement system installed in it.

It contributes, in consequence, an incalculable added value to the daily work of the drivers who are distributing fuel. We will have in real time: the routes that follow, the customers visited, the deliveries made and the tickets printed, the possibility of issuing invoices from the offices based on the deliveries received in real time, saving time for the drivers, the possibility of including customers in route contemplating the current location and the stock of product available in the tanker ... On the other hand, it allows to analyze the longer-term information of all the registered data allowing detecting: repetitive routes, unattended areas and potential customers, average times per delivery, deliveries made by driver, deliveries per kilometer, irregular behaviors...

Ask us to demonstrate the functionality oriented to your business, showing you the web platform where you can view the registered information.

General characteristics

  • Designed for installation in tank trucks with electronic calculator ME1500 or ME3000. It must be installed in the cab of the truck. Possibility of installation with mechanical calculator, only for the registration of the route followed by the truck.
  • An i-meter must be installed for each measuring system with electronic calculator (under normal conditions, an i-meter per tank truck).
  • Installation possibilities:
    • Interleaved with the EPSON TM295 ticket printer (the printer continues operating normally).
    • In place of the ticket printer.
    • Interleaved in the data line between the electronic calculator and the POS. Therefore, it is compatible with the POS system that currently has the tanker.
  • Supply voltage: 24 VDC.
  • Sending data via SIM card, which allows exceptional coverage almost anywhere in the world.
  • Web platform, friendly and intuitive, to display the data associated with our company in real time.
  • Requires a subscription with a monthly fee, per i-meter, which includes:
    • The sending and recording of the positioning data and deliveries made in real time.
    • The access, from any device connected to the internet, to the platform that allows the visualization of the routes and the deliveries made by each of the trucks of our company that have an i-meter.