Monday, September 20, 2021

Launch of ME4000

After a few months of certification and field testing, we can inform you that the ME4000 is now available for installation on conventional and LPG fuel tankers, replacing the existing ME1500 and ME3000. New versions for depots, mass meters and non ATEX products will be available for sale during 2022.

The main new features are:

  • Colour graphic display with a more intuitive and modern interface.
  • Allows unit price and amount to be displayed on the screen
  • Aluminium enclosure approximately the size of the ME1500 and with a 50% weight reduction compared to the ME3000
  • More control capabilities:
    • Bottom or depot valves control
    • Compartment or tank inventory control
    • Product return control
  • On-line additivation
  • Modular structure for multiple applications
  • Connection to mass meters
  • New communication protocol with multiple enhancements
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance (requires a connected computer)

The ME4000 combines the simplicity of use of the ME1500 with the versatility of the ME3000, making it easier for users to maintain their installed fleet, as protocols, procedures, manuals and spare parts are the same for all applications. Several executions (R, S, T, U) have been designed to adapt the performance of the new register to the applications for which the old ones were intended. The ME1500 equivalent is the ME4000 R, while the ME3000 equivalent for LPG is the ME4000 S.

Communications protocol

The power and new features of the new ME4000 make the communications protocol of the ME1500 and ME3000 incompatible with the new register. A great effort has been made to make the new protocol easy to implement for truck or depot automation companies, as it uses solutions already proven in our dispensers.

New functions in the ME4000 R

Thanks to the direct and permanent contact of the development team with our customers, when designing the ME4000 we have considered the comments and suggestions we have received over the years regarding the functions that should be covered by the most basic model – the ME4000 R – and we believe that we have reached a balance between performance and price that makes it extremely attractive. The most important improvements are as follows:






Reinforced polyester


More robust enclosure with reduced size


1 x RS485

3 x RS485

1 x RS232

Allows connection to printer and POS at the same time


7 segments

Colour graphic

More data on screen with more information

Amount calculation



Allows to preset in amount

Stock management



Optimisation of truck loads