Friday, September 8, 2023

LNG dispenser training in Eurowag

Our colleague Sergio Reñones visited in mid-July the Eurowag - Kozomín Truck Park service station, located in the Czech Republic. The purpose of his visit was to give a training course on our E30 LNG dispenser, taking advantage of the recent installation of two of these dispensers at the station by Eurowag.

We value very positively to be able to participate in this type of face-to-face training where the topics of interest for the attendees can be covered in an agile and interactive way. In addition, it allows us to learn about different operations or any need first hand, which helps us to improve our products.

On the other hand, after these months of uncertainty with natural gas, we are once again noticing a reactivation of this business area, which encourages us to continue advancing with these products. The reality is that, for example, in Spain the current price per kg of natural gas is less than half of what it was at this time last year and, in fact, the current average price is slightly over 1 euro, which is very close to the prices that existed before the conflict in Ukraine.

We have always seen this market as a cornerstone of our business and, more importantly, of the decarbonisation goals promoted by the EU. Natural gas and its bio version (bioCNG and bioLNG) are crucial to the challenge posed to the mobility sector and it is vital to have an extensive infrastructure to cover its distribution.

Finally, and although it still seems a long way off, it is very important to value the experience that liquefied natural gas is providing us with for the future supply of liquid hydrogen. Although the conditions required by the two products are not the same, there are many similarities in certain aspects such as safety and metrology.