LPG and LNG Measuring Systems

Unlike the systems for traditional fuels, the LPG measurement systems on tank trucks and, especially those of LNG, are more complex and dependent on the tank where they will be located. For these cases, CETIL offers the main components that make up the system, as well as all its experience and knowledge in the measurement and transfer of fuels. In this type of systems, especially in LNG, mass meters play a fundamental role. Our electronic calculator ME3000 is able to extract all the necessary information from this type of meters guaranteeing a correct measurement and thus allowing to control the entire measurement system: meter, valves, pump, printer, POS, emergency stops, etc.

LPG Measuring Systems general characteristics

  • Positive displacement volumetric meter or high accuracy mass meter.
  • Maximum flow of 380 l/min with volumetric meter or 750 kg/min with mass meter.
  • Filter before meter, gas eliminator, aircheck valve and differential valve to guarantee the measurement.
  • Predetermination of the quantity to be delivered.
  • Electronic calculator ME3000.
  • Configurable hose length and diameter.

LNG Measuring Systems general characteristics

  • High accuracy mass meter.
  • Electronic calculator ME3000.

ME3000 electronic calculator

  • Designed for installation in fuel tankers or loading plants.
  • Certified for use in zones 1 and 2 and for the measurement of light petroleum products, LPG and LNG.
  • Capable of controlling up to 4 meters and performing 2 supplies simultaneously.
  • User friendly. High resolution backlit graphic display.
  • Log of deliveries, errors and configuration accesses.
  • Compensation of volume at 15°C (for LPG) through the ASTM tables using a temperature probe (optional).
  • Static and dynamic electronic calibration.
  • Communication port for connection with printer and POS simultaneously.

Available Models



  • CE certificate type (MID) issued by NMi
  • CE certificate type (ATEX) issued by NMi