Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Manufactured the electronic calculator ME1500 number 1000

On May 14 of 2019, the electronic calculator model ME1500 with serial number 1000 was manufactured. As demonstration of its continuity, it is showed a photograph of the electronic counter with that calculator installed and the measuring system with the electronic calculator ME1500 and serial number 1001.

In 2009 Cetil obtained the metrological certification of this electronic calculator. It was the first certified equipment under the scope of the MID directive and it meant an effort and an important change of mentality for our company. Worthy heir of the electronic calculator for tank truck more marketed to date in our country (the ME2000), the ME1500 provided a simple and austere design that allowed reducing the size and weight of its housing while maintaining the basic functionality of its predecessor.

It began to be commercialized in series in the summer of 2010, continuing with the gradual transformation of the tanker sector and its shift from mechanical to electronic calculators. Its configurability, versatility and stability have allowed it to become the reference equipment of the sector for this purpose, not only for new measuring systems, but also for the transformation of old ones.