Monday, February 28, 2022

Milestone reached: 500 LNG refueling stations in Europe

Recently, the European Natural Gas Vehicles Association (NGVA Europe | NGVA Europe) has published the achievement of a very relevant milestone for the natural gas vehicle sector: this February has been reached the impressive amount of 500 LNG stations in Europe (NGVA Europe | 500 LNG stations in Europe: new gas refuelling infrastructure milestone reached - NGVA Europe).

There are several relevant aspects related to this news. The following should be highlighted:

  • The exponential growth in the number of stations in recent years.
  • The reduction of CO2 emissions associated with mobility that this European infrastructure is already facilitating.
  • The weight of the national infrastructure in the total: practically 16% of the installations are in Spain.
  • The possibility offered by this infrastructure for the use of biogas, which will result in an even greater reduction in CO2 emissions in the immediate future.
  • The real alternative that the use of NGV represents, not only at end user level, but also with a view to the global objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

From Cetil, we wanted to check how we had contributed through our customers to this infrastructure and, sincerely, we are proud to share the following information: Cetil has supplied this market with almost 200 LNG dispensers since 2016. This means that approximately 125 of these 500 stations (25%) have our dispensers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their loyalty, as well as for their help in improving our products by including the various options currently available on our LNG dispenser: nozzle defrosting system, universal nozzle holder, tilt sensor, dispenser availability indicator...

We look forward to continuing to contribute ideas to the alternative fuels sector to achieve the ambitious global targets set.