Tuesday, June 29, 2021

More gas stations with Cetil dispensers continue to open

During the month of June, we have received great news related to the inauguration of three gas stations of different operators that use our natural gas dispensers.

On 7 June, the opening of a new Air Liquide natural gas vehicle (NGV) facility in France (https://www.petrolplaza.com/news/27408?nl=1) was published in Petrolplaza.

In the middle of the month, PetrolPlaza also reported the news of the start-up of a new Redexis facility (https://www.redexisgas.es/) for Cepsa (https://www.petrolplaza.com/news/27500?nl=1).

A few days ago, we knew through a PRF publication (https://www.prf.pt/es/) that Molgas (https://www.molgas.es/Default.aspx) had a new NGV installation in France (https://www.linkedin.com/posts/prfgas_lngcng-refuelling-station-in-france-activity-6813873426005053440-WtA7/).

All these inaugurations fill us with joy, even more so in these times when it seems that the longed-for normality is getting closer and closer, and reaffirms our belief that alternative fuels are here to stay. Cetil is firmly committed to this market, not only because of purely economic interests, but also because of the challenge it represents for us on a technical level and because of our conviction that the energy mix for mobility is essential for us to continue growing as a society.

Our most sincere congratulations to all the operators for the opening of the new gas stations and to the installers for the professionalism of the work carried out.