Thursday, January 31, 2019

Naturgy revalidates its trust in Cetil

Naturgy continues with the ambitious project aimed at expanding the network of service stations for natural gas vehicles, which began more than 20 years ago. To meet this challenge, look for innovative partners of reference. Cetil, who has been collaborating with Naturgy in several natural gas vehicle installations for years, accepted the challenge and presented an innovative, reliable and functional solution based on the existing synergies between Cetil Dispensing Technology, S.L. and 2i Informática Industrial, S.A. As on other occasions, it can be said that union is strength. The result of this initiative will be reflected during the present year in 17 facilities for the refueling of vehicles powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), 5 of which will also have Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) dispensing devices for the refueling of vehicles long distance transport.


In the case of CNG, Cetil presented a dispenser that meets the most demanding global requirements, such as the OIML R 139 or the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), and which integrates the recently certified 2i payment system under the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). The proposal facilitates and speeds up the delivery to the end user since the authorization of the same is performed directly in the dispeser, avoiding unnecessary displacements in the service station.


For the proposal of LNG, Cetil offered a dispenser that combines the technology that requires this type of fuel with all the connectivity to facilitate its management from the controller of the fixed installation. This model of dispenser has a certificate according to the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and is verified in our cryogenic test bench, which was recently launched last year, from our headquarters in Algete (Madrid).


With this renewal of mutual trust, it demonstrates the firm commitment of all the actors involved in alternative fuels and, specifically, in natural gas. Cetil launched three years ago an exclusive business area for this type of market called Cetil Dispensing Ecotechnology, with its own image, knowing the importance that alternative fuels would acquire very soon after.