Display PCL 6

The PCL6 is an electronic module capable of displaying the data received from the electronic computers ER4 and ER5 of Hectronic. It is the natural successor of the PCL4 display, of which Cetil Dispensing Technology, S.L. has sold 10,000 units to OEMs in the last 10 years.

General characteristics

  • Can be connected to Hectronic ER4/ER5 electronic calculating device due to the presence of the same connector as the PCL4.
  • The dimensions, enclosures, plastic taps and seals are the same as in the PCL4 so a PCL6 may substitute a PCL4 in an already dispenser without any extra effort or task.
  • The PCL6 contains 3 LCDs with the following characteristics:
    • Backlighted with green (white optional) LEDs controlled from a dedicated current driver to maximize the life cycle.
    • 6 digits with a size of 26mm height and 13mm wide. Thus, amounts and volumes up to 9999,99 may be shown.
    • Configurable comma position (from 0 to 5 decimals).
  • The PCB for PCL6 has been designed having into account the following issues:
    • EMC disturbances: ferrite beads have been integrated in PCB. Thus, the 9 leads flat cable does not have to include an external clamp ferrite avoiding manufacturing and maintenance extra costs.
    • All components in the bill of materials have been selected to guarantee the long-term life-cycle of the product.
    • Besides, all components have an industrial range of temperatures (-30°C ÷ 85°C), that allows to adapt it to the standard range (-25°C ÷ 55°C) defined by the OIML.
    • An integrated back-up system to hold data on the display for at least 15 minutes after power is lost during a delivery.
  • The PCL6 microcontroller firmware has been designed having into account the following issues:
    • The communications protocol of the ER4 / ER5 calculators has been fully implemented, both for the data showing and for the configuration and control.
    • Checksum of firmware in flash memory is checked periodically.