Friday, May 29, 2020

Smart dispenser

Last February Cetil Dispensing Technology and Soltel Group presented the innovative Smart Dispenser solution in the context of the ECO-GATE project.

The European ECO-GATE Project is a global action plan for the development of mobility with CNG and LNG in Europe, led by Naturgy through the Nedgia distributor, which is in charge of directing and coordinating the project. It has been financed by the European Union with 10 million euros.

The 21 gas stations contemplated will be located in each of the 4 development countries of the project: Germany (1), France (1), Portugal (6) and Spain (13), and for this the approved financing will be distributed among the four countries. Spain will receive financing to develop gas stations in Barcelona, ​​Burgos, Madrid, Murcia, Salamanca, Irún, Tordesillas, La Junquera, Córdoba and Cartagena, among other cities. In addition, two pilot projects for the supply of renewable gas and hydrogen will be carried out.

The European ECO-GATE project is one of the most ambitious in the conventional and renewable natural gas vehicle market with deployment of infrastructure along the Atlantic Corridor and the Mediterranean Corridor through new technologies and innovative solutions.

The Smart Dispenser innovation allows operators to receive information from the dispensers installed in all their service stations through any device that can connect to the internet. The information is previously extracted directly from the dispensers, through a device installed in the service station, which also manages the sending of the information to the cloud through an Internet connection (Internet of Things, IoT).

The data extracted from the pumps are analyzed and processed independently, for each of the operators, with two fundamental objectives:

  • Be presented graphically and intuitively to the operator, so that they can analyze issues related to the operation and management of his business, allowing them to make decisions based on the indicators obtained (Business Intelligence, BI).
  • Notify the operator of any incident associated with the operation of the dispensers, to reduce machine time out of service (corrective maintenance) or anticipate future breakdowns through predictive diagnosis (preventive maintenance).