Tank Trucks Measurement Systems

The measurement systems for fuel tankers have been designed in accordance with current directives.

The idea is to offer a defined platform, completely assembled and tested in our facilities, so that the truck manufacturer can incorporate the equipment into the tank with only the connection of a limited number of pipes and a single electric cable, in the case of electronic calculators.

General characteristics

  • Positive displacement pump with pre-filter.
  • Positive displacement meter with filter, gas eliminator and aircheck valve to guarantee the measurement.
  • Patented VN valves for selection of delivery point and preset quantity.
  • Full or empty hose transfer points.
  • Configurable hose length and diameter.
  • Multiple options of nozzles available.
  • Nominal flow rates of 400 l/min and 800 l/min.
  • Pump activation by hydraulic motor with progressive start and stop to reduce wear and fatigue of the materials.
  • Hose reel hydraulic drive with gear guard and torque limiter to prevent accidents.
  • Hydraulic oil cooler to ensure a longer oil life.

Mechanical calculator

  • Integrated mechanical printer (optional).
  • Integrated mechanical preset controller (optional).
  • Pneumatic selector of the delivery point (optional).
  • Mechanical calibration.

ME4000 electronic calculator

  • Designed for installation in fuel tankers or loading plants
  • Certified for use in zones 1 and 2 and for the measurement of light petroleum products, LPG, Adblue and LNG
  • Controls up to two measuring systems, with simultaneous delivery
  • Modern and intuitive TFT colour display
  • Delivery, error, and parameter access logs, among others
  • Unit price and total amount
  • Total amount preset
  • Volume and density correction using ASTM tables (requires a temperature probe)
  • Static and dynamic electronic calibration
  • Connects to printer, POS, and PLC simultaneously through an enhanced communications protocol
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance (requires an external computer)

Available Models

Due to the flexibility of EU type certificates obtained, virtually any configuration is legal and it can be manufactured. In general, the denomination of the Measurement Systems follows the following criteria:

Sa- Mb-c-d-(e)

E-> Electronic System
M-> Mechanical System

b: Size of the measuring chamber according to the maximum flow rate required

TX3-> ME4000 calculator
KXM-> Mechanical calculator with preset
NXM-> Mechanical calculator with printer and preset

d: Number of liquid outlets

e: Indicates the type of each liquid outlet:
AC-> Contiguous Axial Hose Reel
AS-> Separate Axial Hose Reel
RS-> Separate Radial Hose Reel
V-> Empty Hose


  • EU type Examination Certificate (MID) issued by NMi
  • EU type Examination Certificate (ATEX) issued by LOM