Monday, November 15, 2021

The LNE certifies Cetil

Cetil adds to its certifications that of its Quality System for the repair and manufacturing of CNG dispensers in France. This French national certification is issued by the LNE (LNE | LNE, Laboratoire national de métrologie et d'essais) and very few companies in the sector have it.

It should be remembered that CNG dispensers do not currently fall under the scope of the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), which means that each country decides the requirements to be met by this type of equipment in its territory. Cetil, which has been committed to alternative fuels for years through its Ecotechnology line, decided to certify its CNG dispenser in France in 2019, which has enabled it to market this type of equipment for public refueling stations.

Through the new certification obtained, Cetil is now able not only to supply but also to commission CNG dispensers of its brand both the first time they are installed and after repair. Until now, the initial commissioning had to be carried out by the only entity designated in France for this purpose. This alternative allows customers to speed up the time they must wait for their installations to be commissioned, which is a major advantage of the service offered by Cetil compared to its competitors.

This step, which the brand has decided to take in the French market, opens the door to future certifications with this entity in other very interesting areas such as that related to compressed hydrogen gas dispensers, also legislated at national level and one of the hot topics these days when mobility is in the spotlight of the global objective of decarbonization.

It only remains to congratulate Cetil, represented by its entire team, for the hard work done, thanking them for their firm commitment to alternative fuels for a healthier environment for all.