miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2021

Cetil present at the first 700 bar hydrogen station in Spain

At the end of January, the first installation for dispensing gaseous hydrogen at high pressure (700 bar) to light vehicles was inaugurated in Madrid. This type of facility, known as a hydrogen station, is essential to promote the use of vehicles propelled with this fuel (fuel cell vehicles). At present, there are only a few models of this type of vehicles (Toyota Mirai, Hyunday Nexo, Honda Clarity...), but the future of this type of mobility is promising for both light and heavy vehicles. The main strengths of this technology are: an incredibly satisfying driving experience, a longer range than electric vehicles, short refuelling time (similar to a traditionally fuelled vehicle) and no pollution.

The interest that this technology is awakening in the energy field (not only in mobility) has become evident at national and European level with publications such as the hydrogen roadmap (hoja_de_ruta_del_hidrogeno_una_apuesta_por_el_hidrogeno_renovable_tcm30-513830.pdf (miteco.gob.es)). Hydrogen will undoubtedly be necessary to achieve the ambitious goal of ecological neutrality by 2050.

Cetil, in its constant commitment to new technologies and the alternative fuels sector, has not missed this opportunity and thanks to its excellent relationship with Calvera (https://www.calvera.es) has participated in this first hydrogen station for deliveries at 700 bar. Specifically, Cetil's contribution is related to the complete control of the hydrogen delivery process to the vehicle. The refuelling process is simple for the user (similar to refuelling LPG or CNG vehicles), but the reality is that there is constant interaction between the dispenser and the vehicle to ensure the safety of the entire refuelling process. Cetil has developed this new application on the same platform (EAS2 electronic calculator) that it uses in the rest of the dispensers it sells, thus guaranteeing, once again, the robustness and quality of the new product.

At Cetil we are convinced that the future lies in hydrogen, which is why we are already working on a hydrogen dispenser for heavy vehicles (350 bar) and light vehicles (700 bar).