lunes, 4 de marzo de 2024

Hydrogen overcomes new challenges

A few months ago, we were presented with a beautiful challenge: to develop a compressed H2 fuel dispenser to be installed in a mobile fuelling unit. The dispenser was, no more and no less, to refuel the vehicles that would take part in the Mission 1000 adventure, which is part of the Dakar Future programme promoted by the Dakar Rally for the most innovative technologies.

As a result of a great collaboration with our client PRF Gas Solutions (PRF, Gás, Tecnologia e Construção), we were able to develop a fuel dispenser with a series of very interesting features and, above all, that would allow us to take on the demanding challenge. Some of the characteristics of this dispenser are:

  • Double hose (H35/H70), which allows the fuelling at different filling pressures.
  • Filling protocol for light and heavy vehicles, versatility necessary to be able to fuel all participating vehicles.
  • Heat exchanger integrated in the dispenser, essential to cool the hydrogen gas at the point closest to the vehicle and ensure maximum filling rate.
  • Nozzles and user interface at a suitable height to be able to install the dispenser on the chassis of the mobile unit.
  • And, of course, all the safety and metrological guarantees that always characterise our equipment: PED, ATEX, OIML R 139, etc....

In conclusion, we are delighted to have participated in this project and to continue our commitment to hydrogen as one of the essential engines for the decarbonisation of mobility.

An image is worth a thousand words: