lunes, 12 de abril de 2021

Underground service stations

Cetil and 2i have recently collaborated with the company Instalaciones Luis Urbina ( in an interesting project in our country that has consisted of the creation of a network of underground service stations.

This striking idea, which recently appeared on the rtve programme Comando Actualidad, specifically in the episode called Fiebre minera, was a new challenge for all the companies involved. As can be seen in the attached video, the objective was to allow the refuelling of vehicles working inside a mine without having to go outside, thus maximising their operating time. The challenge was to design a set of unconventional refuelling stations to ensure an efficient, safe and intuitive refuelling process for users.

It is also worth highlighting the degree of automation achieved, as both the identification, authorisation and registration of supplies is automatic, allowing the entire process to be correctly managed in accordance with the criteria of the property.

Once again, Cetil and 2i's commitment to all types of projects and clients to provide unconventional, but fully functional and reliable solutions is clear.