E30 H2 A

As the latest exponent of the alternative fuels market, the compressed H2 dispenser is presented. As always, designed according to all international regulatory requirements and manufactured with high quality materials that allow offering a technologically advanced and reliable product.

General characteristics E30 H2 A

  • Designed for outdoor use.
  • Infrared communication with vehicle SAE J2799.
  • Compressed gaseous H2:
    • TS (min/max temperature): -40 ºC/+55 ºC.
    • PS (max pressure): 48,1 MPa (H35); 96,2 MPa (H70).
  • Ambient temperature: -20 ºC/+50ºC.
  • Power supply: 230 VAC/110 VAC, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 300 W.
  • According to Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive and EN 17127.
  • High accuracy Emerson/Rheonik Coriolis mass meter, OIML R139:2018.
  • 304 stainless steel chassis and internal brackets:
    • Baked dust epoxy-polyester painted chassis.
    • Protective column of pressurized components, with H2 detector (ATEX zone).
    • Protective column of electronic components (safe area).
    • Double IP67 barrier between both columns.
  • Fueling hose assembly:
    • H35/H35 HF: inline breakaway coupling, 3m hose, H35 nozzle, model according to flow rate.
    • H70/H70 HF: breakaway coupling, 3m hose, H70 nozzle, model according to flow rate.
    • Automatic nozzle purging.
  • Maximum safety:
    • Pressure safety valves, PSV, at inlet and outlet lines, for protection of dispenser and vehicle components.
    • Pressure regulating valve, filling valve and hose venting valve, with pneumatic actuators for fueling control system.
    • Fueling pressure and temperature and ambient temperature transmitters for fueling control system and fault management.
    • Manometers, upstream and downstream of the pressure regulating valve.
    • Start/stop and emergency push buttons; start button with optional configuration as deadman button.
    • Tilt sensor for impact detection.
    • Automatic leak check.
    • 5 µm filter.
    • Manual purge valve.
    • Empty hose at the end of fueling for improved safety and usability.

EAS2 electronic calculator

  • Certified according to OIML R 139:2018.
  • Designed to minimize downtime due to breakdown.
  • Simple and attractive user interface.
  • Different levels of access to increase security.
  • IFSF-LON international standard protocol available.
  • Modbus protocol for PLC plant control.


  • Control of up to 3 pressure banks with external or internal (inside the dispenser) valves
  • 5m hose with retractor system.
  • SIL 2 pressure and temperature transmitter for external safety management system.
  • H2 precooling with internal heat exchanger; communication for cooling system integration.
  • Modbus Plus service: extended dispenser fueling data.
  • Smart Dispenser: industrial computer for data acquisition, analysis, and report generation.
  • Integrated user guide screen.

Available Models

In general, the E30 H2 A product family follows the next designation:

E30 H2 A ni T SX

n number of measuring systems; range: 1-2
i total number of pressure inputs; range: 1-3

For every measuring system present in the dispenser:

T filling type; options: H35, H35HF, H70, H70HF. Combination of two of them in the same measuring system available, i.e., two hoses sharing the same mass meter.

S number of pressure stages; range: 1-3 (valves controlled by the dispenser, either external or internal)

X only if an integrated heat exchanger is present


  • OIML compliance certificate issued by NMi
  • Custody of ATEX technical file in LOM
  • EU type Examination Certificate (PED) issued by SGS (only if an integrated heat exchanger is present)